verb (runs, running, ran ran; past participle run)
1》 move at a speed faster than a walk, never having both or all feet on the ground at the same time.
    ↘enter or be entered in a race.
    ↘(of hounds) chase or hunt their quarry.
    ↘(of a boat) sail straight and fast directly before the wind.
    ↘(of a migratory fish) go upriver from the sea in order to spawn.
2》 move about in a hurried and hectic way.
3》 pass or cause to pass: Helen ran her fingers through her hair.
    ↘move forcefully: the tanker ran aground.
    ↘informal fail to stop at (a red traffic light).
    ↘chiefly N. Amer. navigate (rapids or a waterfall) in a boat.
4》 flow or cause to flow.
    ↘cause water to flow over.
    ↘emit or exude a liquid: her nose was running.
    ↘(of dye or colour) dissolve and spread when wet.
5》 (of a bus, train, etc.) make a regular journey on a particular route.
    ↘transport in a car: I'll run you home.
6》 be in charge of; manage or organize.
    ↘continue, operate, or proceed: everything's running according to plan.
    ↘own, maintain, and use (a vehicle).
7》 function or cause to function.
8》 (run in) (of a quality or trait) be common or inherent in.
9》 stand as a candidate.
10》 pass into or reach a specified state or level.
11》 chiefly N. Amer. (of a stocking or pair of tights) develop a ladder.
12》 publish or be published in a newspaper or magazine.
13》 smuggle (goods).
14》 N. Amer. informal cost (someone) (a specified amount).
1》 an act or spell of running.
    ↘a running pace.
    ↘an annual mass migration of fish up or down a river.
2》 a journey or route.
    ↘a short excursion made in a car.
3》 a spell of producing, proceeding, or operating: a run of bad luck.
    ↘a continuous stretch or length of something.
    ↘a rapid series of musical notes.
    ↘a sequence of cards of the same suit.
4》 (a run on) a widespread and sudden demand for: a big run on nostalgia toys.
5》 a course or track made or regularly used: a ski run.
6》 (the run) the average or usual type: she stood out from the general run of Tory women.
7》 Cricket a unit of scoring achieved by hitting the ball so that both batsmen are able to run between the wickets.
    ↘Baseball a point scored by the batter returning to home plate after touching the bases.
8》 an enclosed area in which animals or birds may run freely in the open.
    ↘(the run of) free and unrestricted use of or access to somewhere.
    ↘Austral./NZ a large open stretch of land used for pasture or livestock.
9》 a ladder in stockings or tights.
10》 a downward trickle of liquid.
11》 a small stream or brook.
12》 (the runs) informal diarrhoea.
13》 Nautical the after part of a ship's bottom where it rises and narrows towards the stern.
be run off one's feet be extremely busy.
a (good) run for one's money
1》 challenging competition or opposition.
2》 reward or enjoyment in return for one's efforts.
on the run
1》 escaping from arrest.
2》 while running or moving.
run before one can walk attempt something difficult before one has grasped the basic skills.
run dry
1》 (of a well or river) cease to flow or have any water.
2》 (of a supply) be completely used up.
(make a) run for it attempt to escape by running away.
run foul (or chiefly N. Amer. afoul) of
1》 Nautical collide or become entangled with.
2》 come into conflict with.
run into the sand come to nothing.
run low (or short) (of a supply) become depleted.
run off at the mouth N. Amer. informal talk excessively or indiscreetly.
run a temperature be suffering from a high temperature.
run someone/thing to ground (or Brit. earth) Hunting chase a quarry to its lair.
Brit. find someone or something after a long search.
Phrasal verbs
run across meet or find by chance.
run after informal pursue persistently.
run along informal go away.
run away
1》 take flight; escape.
2》 try to avoid facing up to danger or difficulty.
run away with
1》 escape the control of: Susan's imagination was running away with her.
2》 win (a competition or prize) easily.
run something by (or past) tell (someone) about something, in order to obtain an opinion or reaction.
run someone/thing down
1》 (of a vehicle) hit and knock over a person or animal.
2》 criticize someone or something unfairly or unkindly.
3》 discover someone or something after a search.
4》 (also run down) reduce or become reduced in size or resources.
5》 lose or cause to lose power; stop or cause to stop functioning.
6》 gradually deteriorate.
run someone in informal arrest someone.
run something in Brit. use something new in such a way as not to make maximum demands upon it.
run into
1》 collide with.
    ↘meet by chance.
2》 experience (a difficulty).
run off informal escape; abscond.
run something off
1》 produce a copy on a machine.
2》 write or recite something quickly and with little effort.
3》 drain liquid from a container.
run on continue without stopping; go on longer than is expected.
run out
1》 use up or be used up.
2》 become no longer valid.
3》 (of rope) be paid out.
4》 extend; project.
run someone out Cricket dismiss a batsman by dislodging the bails with the ball while the batsman is still running.
run over
1》 overflow.
2》 exceed (a limit).
run someone/thing over knock down a person or animal in a vehicle.
run someone through stab a person so as to kill them.
run through (or over) go over quickly or briefly as a rehearsal or reminder.
run to
1》 extend to or reach.
2》 show a tendency towards.
run something up
1》 allow a bill, score, etc. to accumulate.
2》 make something quickly or hurriedly.
3》 raise a flag.
run up against experience or meet (a difficulty).
run with proceed with; accept.
runnable adjective
OE rinnan, irnan (v.), of Gmc origin; the current form with -u- is first recorded in the 16th cent.

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